Every year, each university sets and announces its recruitment rules, according to which recruitment will be carried out a year later – it is very important for students who choose subjects to pass on their secondary school departure exams. Information can be found on the university’s website. The majority of universities conduct on-line registration by registering candidates in the electronic system via the Internet. Usually in such a system you will also find detailed information about recruitment (where and what documents should be sent), possible examinations, fees. Studies in Poland are three-level. What do the individual names mean and what title can be obtained?

• First-degree (bachelor) studies usually last three years, are professional studies and result in obtaining a baccalaureate (lower rank from the master’s degree), which allows you to undertake further studies in master’s and often post-graduate studies.

• Second level studies, also known as “SUMs” (from “supplementary magisterial studies”) are intended for graduates of BA studies, last 2-3 years and end with obtaining a master’s degree. Some courses of study (for example medicine, law, psychology) are only conducted in a 5-6-year continuous mode – it is called uniform master’s studies.

• For admission to doctoral studies (third degree), preparing for further research and didactic work in academic institutions, graduate students may apply. These studies usually last four years – during this time, PhD students under the supervision of a supervisor deepen their knowledge in a given field, conduct research and prepare work that will be the basis for obtaining a doctorate.

• After obtaining a diploma from the first or second degree studies, it is possible to undertake postgraduate studies. They last at least two semesters, classes are held on weekends, they are usually paid, although some majors are financed, e.g. from EU funds.

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