Preparation of documents related to the birth of a child. Receipt of aid 500+ :
– we help to fill in and complete a set of documents
– we provide legal support and necessary consultations
– I assist in submitting documents to the Voivodeship Office

Family 500+ Programme (Family 500+) is a state programme aimed at providing financial support to families in the education of children, as well as increasing the birth rate and improving the situation of the population in Poland. Effective from 1 April 2016. According to the programme, state aid of PLN 500 per month is granted for the second and each subsequent child. Also, support is due for the first child if the income per family member is less than 800 zlotys per month. If the family raises a child with limited possibilities, the aid is paid with the average income per family member below 1200 PLN per month. For foreigners who live in Poland, you are also entitled to the Family 500+ programme and can receive state support. They shall comply with one of the following criteria:
– live as a family on the territory of Poland and be citizens of the European Union, the European Economic Zone or Switzerland,
– reside with their family on the territory of Poland and have a temporary residence permit (temporary stay) on the basis of work, high qualifications of employment,
– live with their family in Poland and have a residence card with the sign "access to the labour market”;.
In order to receive help of 500 zlotys per child, you need to submit an application. This can be done directly in the municipality office, as well as on the Internet. In order to receive help for the first child, it is necessary to submit documents confirming your income (they must be less than 800 PLN per family member per month, or less than 1200 PLN in the case of a child with limited possibilities). For the second and next child, you do not need to confirm your income.
The declaration of participation in the Family 500+ programme must be submitted once a year, which begins on 1 October and ends on 30 September of the following year (for example, from 1 October 2017 after 30 September 2018).
Where to apply for participation in the Family 500+ programme?
You can submit your application to the city or municipality office, as well as to other services specified in your municipality. It can be submitted in person or sent by post. It is possible to submit a declaration on the PUE ZUS portal in electronic form, using the ePUAP system.
Required Documents:
– Application for determination of the right to parental benefit;
-Residence card.
Additional documents may be useful, for example, a divorce certificate.

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