Acquisition of long-term resident status in the EU :
– we help to fill in and complete a set of documents
– we provide legal support and necessary consultations
– I assist in submitting documents to the Voivodeship Office

This permit gives the right to stay legally in the country, it is obligatory for those who intend to stay in Poland permanently. You can work or study in any European country without additional documents. Long-term resident status gives you the right to change your residence to any country that joins the EU. The resident’s residence permit is granted for an indefinite period of time. The exchange is subject to the residence card itself every 5 years. However, the permit may be revoked Not all of them may receive this document, certain conditions should be met, or at least one of them:

– a person should stay in the country for not less than 5 years at the time of submission of the declaration, and the stay in the country must be only legal;
– the future resident should study or work in Poland;
– have an insurance policy;
– have a stable and sufficient level of monthly income.
If these conditions are met, it is necessary to have documents:
– insurance policy,
– an identity card,
– 4 photos,
– documents confirming the grounds for receiving the card.
Another important document is a certificate of command of the Polish language, the level of which, according to the latest data (as of 2018) should be at least В1.
After all the necessary documents have been completed, the next stage is an interview with the Voivode, which takes place in the Voivodeship Office. The voivode makes the main decision. You must then stamp your identity card with the fact that your documents are under consideration. This is the only confirmation that you are legally residing in the country, but even if you have one, you must not go to neighbouring EU countries. Check to make sure that officials do not forget to put a stamp on their passports, as the absence of a stamp can cause problems.
Further you have to pay a coat of arms fee, which is approximately PLN 640 (the exact amount is given in the province) and wait for the results of the case. Usually the process takes up to three months, during which time you are allowed to work or study.

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