Guidebook for first-year students in Krakow, edition 2019

The Foundation of Polish-Ukrainian Cooperation “U-Work” would like to thank the girls who started this project in 2017 and printed the first guide for students. Thank you for a great realization and inspiration to continue this project. This is the third edition of the Student Handbook, so we’ve tried to add even more useful information.
Separate thanks to the Students and Graduates Foundation of the Jagiellonian University “Bratniak” for their help and support in the implementation of the project.

Project report:

Poland-Ukrainian Caroler 2018-2019

Caroler was created in 2017 in the project “Christmas culinary and educational workshops”. In 2018 we decided to continue the project and released an even better caroler. It’s aim to integrate Poles, Ukrainians and Belarusians, sing caroles together and tell about the traditions of each country

Guide to Procedures for Legalisation of Residence and Employment of Foreigners in Poland

We provide foreigners and persons assisting them with the most accurate procedures relating to the legalization of foreigners stay in Poland, based on the most popular foundations.
The procedures were created within the framework of the Information Point for Foreigners activity conducted by the Foundation for Polish-Ukrainian Cooperation “U-WORK” in partnership with the Zustrich Foundation, the Mikołaj Rej Foundation for the Support of Polish Culture and Language and the INTERKULTURALNI. PL Association.

Guidebook for students of the first year inKrakow edition 2018

The first guide was created in 2017 as part of the project New Cracovians get to know their city implemented by the informal group “Krakow Slavonic”.
In 2018 we decided to continue the project and published an even better guide for the student.
We would like to invite you to cooperate with the 2019 guide!

Report from the project: Facebook/nowi-krakowianie-poznają-swoje-miasto

Guidebook for business founders

Many people are wondering how to turn their jobs into self-employment. Most of the people who make decisions about their own company are foreigners who do not know about the possibilities of co-financing. In order to make your ideas and plans for your own business come to life, it is a good idea to read about what to start with. Check out how to take the first steps to your own business in Poland.

Guidebook for students of the first year inKrakow

The guide was created in the project New Cracovians get to know their city realized by the informal group “Krakow Slavs”.
Report from the project: Facebook/new-citizens get to know their city

Polish-Ukrainian Caroler

Polish-Ukrainian Caroler was created in the project “Christmas culinary and educational workshops” during singing together with the bandura (traditional Ukrainian musical instrument).

Photo from the project. 

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