Projekt współfinansowany ze środków Gminy Miejskiej Kraków

About Project

Project „Centrum Wsparcia Przedsiębiorczości Obcokrajowców” is addressed to people from the East(Ukraine, Belarus) who want to conduct business activity in Krakow. The offer of the project can be used by people who currently run their own business in Krakow or just want to set it up. The main objective of our project is free of charge support for foreign entrepreneurs in Krakow.

Within the framework of the project, the following will be organised:

  • training in business management, for example on the basics of accounting and labour law
  • meetings with officials (ZUS, US, PIP, PUP, SANEPID), who will explain the basic issues that the company’s manager may encounter
  • we support Kraków’s companies in problems of employing foreigners
  • we will also help you find a potential business partner and organize a free business meeting
  • CWPO assists in the registration of the company without any brokerage fees
  • we help to obtain the PESEL number needed for registration and we assist in contacts with authorities in order to obtain
  • the necessary permits if they are requiredina given industry
  • the project is conducive to Polish-Ukrainian cooperation and also serves to establish international business contacts.

At the same time, it creates a friendly atmosphere for the development of entrepreneurship of foreigners in Krakow.


Guidebook for business founders
Many people are wondering how to turn their jobs into self-employment. Most of the people who make decisions about their own company are foreigners who do not know about the possibilities of co-financing. In order to make your ideas and plans for your own business come to life, it is a good idea to read about what to start with. Check out how to take the first steps to your own business in Poland.

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