Assistance in the registration of Private limited company. in the form of a notary public.
Company registration in Poland – a serious step for the beginning of your own business in Europe. It is possible to obtain a residence card (temporary residence permit), the possibility of registering a car for the company, availability of loans with European rates.

Notary registration is mandatory if you need an individual statute. The registration procedure takes place directly on the territory of Poland, in the presence of the founders or their representatives at a notary public. In such a chronology:
– Choice of legal form of the company. We recommend a Private limited company.
Main advantages: all rights for the legal entity are guaranteed, on the other hand the limited liability of the participants.

Basic steps of company registration :
1. sign the articles of association (joint-stock agreement), which in this case should be settled formally in the form of a notarized deed (notarized agreement). So, you have to refer to a notary.
2. to form a share capital, the minimum size of which is PLN 5,000.
Elect the Management Board, Supervisory Board, Audit Committee if required by law or articles of association.
4. register the company in the Register of Entrepreneurs of the State Court Register (Polish abreviature – KRS). In order to do so, the relevant official forms must be filled in: KRS – W3, KRS – WE, KRS – WK, KRS – WM (they can be роздрукувати from the website).
5. a certificate of assigning a tax identification number NIP (Polish abreviature – NIP, NIP 2 form), an identification declaration to Statistically directing the number in the National Official Register of Subjects of the national farm (Polish abreviature – REGON, RG form – 1), as well as a statement by the payer of instalments to the State insurance company (Polish abreviature – ZUS), provided that the company intends at the beginning of its activity to accept employees for work, or a declaration that the company has no employees.
Confirm payment of the court fee (the court fee for entry into the register is PLN 500, the fee for placement of the advertisement in the Court and Economic Monitor). (Monitor Sądowy i Gospodarczy) – PLN 100).
7. to print the articles of association – two copies, a list of shareholders, in which the names and surnames or the name of each shareholder must be indicated, as well as the number and nominal value of his shares.

8. a list of the names, forenames and addresses of the members of the Management Board. If a supervisory board and an audit committee are elected, a list of the names of the members of these bodies shall be attached. Also, officially authenticated signatures of persons who have the right (power of attorney) to present the company (members of the Management Board).
9. a statement by the shareholders that the contributions for the purpose of shaping the statutory capital were made in full.
10. the contract of lease/rental of premises or any other document confirming the right to the premises where the company’s office is located – 2 copies
It is better for the founders to be two people than one, because according to the Polish law it is necessary to pay the Social Insurance Institution (contributions to the Social Insurance Institution) in the presence of only one participant.

The founders elect a CEO who can act on behalf of a legal person without trust, set up a bank account, but this does not automatically give the right to obtain a long-term visa. A company can actually work "without a director”; if the CEO does not obtain the status of an employed person, which is quite economically, because an employed director should receive a salary and pay taxes.
Share capital of sp. z o. o. set at PLN 5000, which must not be paid into the account upon discovery of the company.
Any other changes may only be made by a notary or in court.
The founders of companies in Poland from Ukraine must also pay attention to the mode and conditions of licensing NBU for investments abroad, and to the Agreement between Ukraine and Poland on the avoidance of double taxation.

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