Assistance in preparing documents for registration in Poland
(temporary check-in): we will help you to collect the necessary documents, arrange the formalities and submit a full set of documents. If necessary, we provide legal support to
Official registration in Poland is quite an important requirement without which some processes become impossible. For example, if you do not have a registration, it is not possible to issue a PESEL number. Without it you cannot submit documents for the Residence Card. This leads to the conclusion that if you want to have a comfortable stay abroad, it is necessary to apply for a temporary registration (temporary registration).
The only thing you need to do is to prepare documents and go to the appropriate office:
– flat lease agreement (it should be effective not less than 3 months);
– any confirmation of the legality of your stay in the territory of the country (this can be done with a national visa or a Residence Card);
– additional confirmation that you are renting an apartment (for example, a land and mortgage register extract);
– the landlord’s consent to your temporary registration (this document is not mandatory if it is mentioned in your tenancy agreement.
Automatically, together with the registration, a PESEL is suitable.

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