Receiving a PESEL number: we consult and accompany you to the municipality office. Why do I need it? – use of medical services from the NZF and ZUS funds – state social security. If you have a PESEL number, you can get prescriptions for medicines from your NZF doctor. This is because the system that generates prescriptions requires a PESEL number and nothing else; – receiving credit; – enrolment in a driving school – the purchase of real estate, etc. Receiving the PESEL number for foreigners in Poland from 1 January 2018 has become easier. The PESEL is available to all foreigners who have a temporary registration or permanent residence on the territory of Poland. The PESEL is administered by the commune administration. In order to obtain the number, it is necessary to go to the appropriate administration of the place of registration, regardless of whether the registration will be permanent or temporary. On receipt of the report, a PESEL number is assigned. In the Polish issue of PESEL there is an encrypted information. It consists of 11 digits: -the first two digits are the last digits of the year of birth of a human being; -the following two determine the month of birth; -the fifth and sixth digits shall indicate the day of the month of birth; -previous digit – sex (0. 2. 4. 6. 8 – female, 1. 3. 5. 7. 9 – male); -last digit – check number.

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