Assistance in the preparation of documents when buying a car:
Vehicle registration is carried out by the transport department of the starosty responsible for the place of residence (for cities which have the status of a county, turn to the municipal administration – city office).
Registration of a car in Poland is based on a decision which requires time. Therefore, in order to give you the opportunity to use the purchased vehicle until a decision is made, a temporary permission to use the vehicle is issued (for 30 days).
Documents to be attached to the declaration for vehicle registration :
– Certificate of ownership of the vehicle, for example:
sale/purchase agreement, donation agreement, and т. d.
– VAT invoice.
– Vehicle card (vehicle card), if issued.
– Vehicle registration certificate with the current date of the technical inspection.
– Registration plates signs.
– Power of attorney.
For a foreigner staying on the territory of Poland, it is necessary:
– a document which confirms the identity of the foreigner: identity card and one of the following documents: Schengen visa or national visa type D; residence card;
– confirmation of the temporary registration (registration) of the alien.
The car registration process takes almost 30 days, the office will inform us by phone about the possibility of collecting the car registration decision. After exchanging temporary evidence, one should go back to the poviat starosty. Where the temporary proof is exchanged for a permanent proof free of charge.
In order to obtain the car registration certificate, it is necessary to present it:
– temporary authorisation;
– identity card;
– vehicle card (if issued);
– proof of payment of the civil liability insurance.

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