The mission of the U-Work Foundation is also to actively support students, students coming to Poland to study and people interested in studying at Polish universities. The number of foreign students has increased significantly in recent years. Newly arrived people at the beginning have problems with adaptation, do not know how to cope with an unknown city and a foreign culture. So, the task of the Foundation is to help students adapt to the new environment. It is realized by organizing information meetings during which we talk about the rights and duties of foreigners in Poland, about development opportunities for students, how to deal with basic life issues; by publishing a printed guide "New Cracovians Know Their City”;, which contains information on how to "survive”; the first weeks at a university, how to use public transport, where to eat cheaply or make a photocopier, to which competent office to go, how to take part in student exchange programs. The Foundation also offers student internships and volunteer programs, during which you can gain experience of working in a multicultural team and gain advantageous knowledge.

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