Guide to the Kraków family – is a guide once again drawn up by the City Hall in cooperation with the Municipal Social Welfare Centre.

In this edition, updated on the basis of the wishes of the residents of Krakow, issues such as accepting and settling official matters, the possibility of applying for and applying for benefits, supporting families, or proposals to spend free time with family members are displayed. Apart from this information, the residents may also gain knowledge about educational, medical or preventive services – including the list of educational and educational units, medical institutions, psychological and pedagogical counselling centres as well as hospitals and pharmacies.

The information was divided into chapters according to the subject matter:
1) “We are family in Kraków”, in which there is information about the procedure of starting a marriage, registration of a newborn child, maternity and parental leave, etc.
2) “My City it’s Kraków”, where you can find answers to questions about procedures for foreigners, paying taxes, connecting real estate to the water supply and sewage system and waste management.
3) “Care and education of our children”, where you will find useful information about crèches, kindergartens, school education, high school exams, studies, as well as courses, trainings and internships.
4) “Kraków supports the family”, a chapter from which one can learn about financial and non-financial support, parental benefits 500+ and 300+, Karta Krakowska.
5) “City in the hands of the inhabitants”, which provides information on the citizens budget, local initiative and the Citizens Centre.
6) “Active family in Krakow” – culture, sport and recreation, which writes about how to spend free time with the family in an interesting way or go on vacation.
7) “Family with a doctor”, this is where you will find information about how to see and choose a primary care doctor, how to change doctors, when you can call for an ambulance and others.
8) “Family in public transport”, entitlement to free and reduced travel on daily and night lines, information about the resident’s ticket.
9) “A person with disabilities in the family”, a chapter in which there is information on how to organise free transport to schools and kindergartens, get specialist care services, how to obtain disability certificate, etc.
10) “Seniors in a Kraków family”, which included information about the Self-help club, the Kraków Senior Centre, home care, etc.
11) “Funeral in Krakow”.

Important telephone numbers and addresses as well as lists of institutions are included in the Annex.

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