Help in searching for a flat to rent:
– we can help you sign a contract for renting a flat or a house
– we provide legal support.
An important issue for a foreigner coming to Poland is housing. It is needed by tourists, students and, above all, employees. In most cases, employers do not secure the place of residence for foreigners. Then they have to look for it for themselves.
The main difference when concluding housing lease agreements in Poland and Ukraine is that in Poland this agreement does not need to be officially confirmed by local government bodies or by a notary public. So in order to sign a tenancy agreement it is necessary to provide further information:
– information about the owner (name and surname, proof number, PESEL number, place of residence);
– information on who is renting the apartment (name and surname, proof number, PESEL number, place of residence);
– location of the apartment (city, district, street and number of the apartment);
– condition of the apartment and electric tools, necessarily with the addition of materials (this is not a mandatory condition, and it is better to indicate, just in case) photos;
– the conditions of termination of the contract and the obligations of each party in this case.

It is worth knowing that a housing lease agreement gives foreigners the right to register formally, but the point is that not all Poles want to pay additional taxes. Therefore, before signing the contract it is worth to agree with the owner of the fact.
The cost of renting a flat varies from city to city and can range from 900 PLN and more. In addition, every month the tenant pays for municipal services, the cost of which may amount to over 200 PLN, and in some cases even reach 600 PLN. Renting a flat in Poland is not a complicated matter, but it is better to look for it as early as possible, know about your rights and obligations.

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