Assistance in the preparation of documents necessary to obtain insurance:

One of the conditions for obtaining a visa to enter the territory of Poland for a foreigner is the requirement to have international insurance. The minimum amount of such insurance is about 30 000 Euro. The insurance must be valid for the entire period of the foreigner’s planned stay in the territory of Poland and must cover any costs that may arise during the stay in Poland due to the need to use an ambulance service, treatment in a hospital, or return home for medical reasons or due to death.
In addition to the compulsory types of insurance, there are also voluntary insurance in Poland. Before examples can be covered, students, entrepreneurs, non-working citizens, as well as those who are insured with a compulsory type of insurance.

The Polish system of compulsory insurance covers:
⦁ pension insurance,
⦁ insurance against incapacity for work (pension after disability),
⦁ sickness insurance,
⦁ accident insurance. Any person (in this case a foreigner) may use medical services in Poland free of charge, if they have insurance.
If a foreigner is employed and pays instalments for insurance, they have the right to receive state medical assistance free of charge in any clinic or hospital that cooperates with the National Health Fund (NFZ). If the need for hospitalization arises, he or she has free access to medical services under the same conditions as a Polish citizen.

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