Based on post-secondary education:
– we help to fill in and complete a set of documents
– we provide legal support and necessary consultations
– I assist in submitting documents to the Voivodeship Office

Required documents:

– 3 copies of the completed application for the receipt of the card (APPLICATION OF BUILDERS REQUIREMENTS FOR A TIME PERIOD).
– 4 undamaged colour photographs of the person concerned, measuring 4,5 cm × 3,5 cm, taken in the last 6 months on a single bright background, with good sharpness and clearly showing the eyes and face from the top of the head to the top of the shoulders, so that the face occupies 70-80% of the photographs; the photographs are to depict a person without headgear and dark glasses, looking straight ahead with open eyes, uncovered hair, with natural facial expression and closed lips, the photographs should be permanently attached to the application by sticking them to the intended place; a person with a visual impairment wearing dark glasses may attach photographs depicting him/her in dark glasses; a person wearing a headgear according to the rules of his/her religion may attach photographs depicting him/her with a headgear, but the headgear must not prevent identification of the person);.
– original passport + 2 copies (all passport pages);
– Confirmation of the fee for a temporary stay of 340 PLN (can be paid on site);
– Health insurance, which covers the cost of treatment in Poland during the entire period of stay (can be formally arranged in Ukraine).
– Post-secondary school leaving certificate (only for daytime teaching)
– Confirmation of temporary registration.

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