On the basis of long time residence :
– we help to fill in and complete a set of documents
– we provide legal support and necessary consultations
– I assist in submitting documents to the Voivodeship Office

– 3 copies of the completed application for the receipt of the card (APPLICATION OF BUILDERS AUTHORITIES FOR A PERSONAL PERSONAL AUTHORITY).
– photos – 4 ;
– passport (the document must be valid);
– documents confirming the basis for obtaining the NTS are indicated in the questionnaire, in our case they are evidence of the foreigner’s stay on the territory of Poland for not less than 5 years;
– confirmation of payment of stamp duty (PLN 640. 00).
Depending on the circumstances or local norms of the Voivodeship, other documents on the Permanent Residence Card may be useful:

For children it is necessary for parents (father, guardian) to have a residence, a long-term resident’s EU card or Polish citizenship, also a document for a child – a birth certificate and copies of parents’; (father, guardian) documents – is available.
In cases of humanitarian defence, refugees, human trafficking accidents and documents are suitable, which confirms the statuses in question.
Also the worker can ask another documents.

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