Based on the work:
– we help to fill in and complete a set of documents
– we provide legal support and necessary consultations
– I assist in submitting documents to the Voivodeship Office
List of necessary documents:
– 4 completed application forms for the receipt of the card (APPLICATION OF BUILDING AUTHORITIES FOR TIME AUTHORITIES).
– 4 undamaged colour photographs of the person concerned, measuring 4,5 cm × 3,5 cm, taken in the last 6 months on a single bright background, with good sharpness and clearly showing the eyes and face from the top of the head to the top of the shoulders, so that the face occupies 70-80% of the photographs; the photographs are to depict a person without headgear and dark glasses, looking straight ahead with open eyes, uncovered hair, with natural facial expression and closed lips, the photographs should be permanently attached to the application by sticking them to the intended place; a person with a visual impairment wearing dark glasses may attach photographs depicting him/her in dark glasses; a person wearing a headgear according to the rules of his/her religion may attach photographs depicting him/her with a headgear, but the headgear must not prevent identification of the person);.
– A valid document, which gives the right to travel abroad (foreign passport, 2 photocopies + original for inspection), in a special case, another type of document confirming the identity of the person may be presented.
– Confirmation of payment of the fee – 340 +100 PLN, can be paid at the cash desk of the office.
– Health insurance from the Polish insurance company NFZ, PZU (sometimes also Ukrainian, but with translation into Polish).
– Invitation (Declaration) on the basis of which the semi-annual working visa was issued or the voivodship invitation (work permit) on the basis of which the annual working visa was issued.
– Employment contract (employment contract, contract of mandate, contract of work).
It may also be necessary:
– A certificate that unemployed Poles do not aspire to the position is required if the foreigner has worked in one place and thus in a position of less than 3 months (the application is submitted by the employer).
– Apartment lease agreement.
– Certificate from the employer that he can continue with the agreement after the expiry of the visa and the receipt of the residence card.
– Certificate from the tax office, PIT-37 or PIT-40 declaration for the previous year (in case of applying for another permit).
– Certificate of no tax debt.
– Birth certificate (with translation).
– Marriage certificate (with translation).
– Certificate of no criminal record.

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