The U-Work Foundation within the framework of the activities of the Information Point for Foreigners and not only actively helps migrants in matters of legalization of work. The procedure of employing foreigners in many matters differs from the process of employing Polish citizens. This causes Polish employers to face problems in recruiting foreigners to work. They are not aware of the fact that for legal employment of foreigners it is not enough just to sign an employment contract. In such a situation it is necessary to prepare additional documents, such as a work permit or a statement on the intention to entrust work to a foreigner obtained in the Labour Office. In order to help both employers and employees, the Foundation provides consultation and legal support in the field of legalization of work, informs foreign workers about their rights and obligations at work, about documents necessary for legal employment and the steps that need to be taken from both sides to make this work legal. In more complicated situations, we assist in writing complaints to the National Labour Inspectorate. In particularly difficult cases, our lawyer assists in filing a lawsuit before the Labour Court. We also organize thematic meetings in the field of work legalization and consultations with PIP experts.

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