Under the Cracow Card programme, a new type of ticket has been introduced – the Resident’s ticket. Resident’s ticket is available from 1 August 2018 at preferentially low prices including discounts for purchase, valid in ticket zone I, season tickets (normal, discounted): for 1 line, for 2 lines, network ticket and Semester ticket. Persons who have the status of the Krakow Card, i. e. the Krakow Card, are entitled to purchase the ticket:

– are registered for permanent residence in the Municipality of Krakow, or
– settle personal income tax in the tax office competent for a person residing in the Municipality of Kraków with the indication of the Municipality of Kraków as their place of residence, regardless of whether these persons earn income. Residents are also entitled to use the Krakow Card, including the Resident’s ticket:

– children of the persons referred to above up to the age of 18 years,
– persons staying in institutions, up to 18 years of age, educators and directors of institutions.

More information about the Krakow Card and the Resident’s ticket can be found on the website www.kk.krakow.pl

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