Before making a decision about starting school education, children in kindergarten are tested for readiness to start learning, the so-called kindergarten diagnosis. It is a kind of specialized research that aims to determine the child’s development in its various aspects: physical, emotional and intellectual. The detection of possible developmental deficiencies allows the child to quickly create a care that will ensure that these difficulties are overcome. In this respect, parents can count on the support of Kraków’s psychological-educational and specialist counselling centres. You can also get help in primary schools before you start your education path.
Recruitment for primary schools in Krakow is done electronically. Students living in the school area are admitted first, while students from outside the area are admitted on the basis of criteria defined by the City Council, after recruitment procedures and as far as places are available. The list of self-government primary schools, information about the offer of these schools and the rules of recruitment (e. g. : criteria, schedule) can be found at: www.portaledukacyjny.krakow.pl

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