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Maternity benefits in Poland

We invete you for individual consultations “Maternity benefits in Poland”. The ZUS maternity allowance can be a true corner of abundance, it turns out that being a young mother, you can count on a substantial injection of money from the state fund. The record-breaking maternity allowance in Poland amounts to as much as 66 thousand […]

Vote in the Civic Budget of the City of Krakow!

Vote in the Civic Budget of the City of Krakow! The vote will take place between 27 September and 7 October 2019. ✅Everyone can vote in the city, regardless of age and citizenship! ✅You don’t have to be registered! ✅Decide what will be done in your city! ❗️Everyone in Krakow, regardless of their citizenship and […]

Informator of the Krakow Benefit Centre

The City of Krakow takes care of its residents and together with the Krakow Benefits Centre it presents the second edition of the Krakow Benefits Centre’s Guide to the Krakow City Hall, devoted to benefits for foreigners, their types and conditions of obtaining them. This guide is available for download in Ukrainian.

How to register your child for health insurance through school

A child up to the age of 18 who is a student of the school, not registered for health insurance as a family member or for any other reason, is registered for health insurance by the school. Due to long waiting times for documents legalizing the work of foreigners, foreign parents are not able to […]


The main purpose of the clubs is to support families with children and parents expecting offspring. Their task is to create a space that is friendly to parents and children. These are places of integration and sharing experiences as well as good practices and problems related to bringing up children. Clubs also carry out their […]

PKD codes in four languages: Polish, English, Ukrainian and Russian

Establishing your own business in Poland requires devoting your time and energy to market and competition analysis, adjusting your product to the Polish standards and regulations. The first stage is the same in every country – registration of the activity and choice of classification of its activities. Our specialists are ready to assist in the […]


Krakow is at the forefront of the Polish metropolises with one of Poland’s most developed bicycle infrastructures. According to the data collected by the Local Government PAP, in 2017 our city was overtaken only by Warsaw and Wroclaw. Nowadays, this situation is dynamically changing in favor of Krakow, as already 220 km of bicycle infrastructure […]


Every year, each university sets and announces its recruitment rules, according to which recruitment will be carried out a year later – it is very important for students who choose subjects to pass on their secondary school departure exams. Information can be found on the university’s website. The majority of universities conduct on-line registration by […]


Going on holidays is an exciting event. To avoid unpleasant adventures, you must follow some basic rules. A mobile phone with saved emergency numbers will be useful for every trip: 112 – emergency call center, 997 – Police, 998 – fire brigade, 999 – ambulance and contact ICE in the address book. The acronym ICE […]

“Tickets to check” or “What are passenger rights”?

If the passenger does not have a ticket, he or she should present a document enabling him or her to identify and write the call. Then the controller can get off at the bus stop with the passenger and finish its activities. Without producing a document, the controller may fear that the passenger will escape […]