Krakow is at the forefront of the Polish metropolises with one of Poland’s most developed bicycle infrastructures. According to the data collected by the Local Government PAP, in 2017 our city was overtaken only by Warsaw and Wroclaw. Nowadays, this situation is dynamically changing in favor of Krakow, as already 220 km of bicycle infrastructure are available to two-wheel fans. Over the next 2-3 years, 60km of new bicycle paths will be built. The construction of the following sections of paths is planned: along ul. Babińskiego and Skotnicka (from ul. Bunscha to ul. Trotsky); from ul. Powstańców along Piasta Kolodzieja, Srebrnych Orłów, Wiślicka; from ul. Powstańców along Strzelców and Lublańska streets to the overpass together with the adaptation of the tunnel connecting Brogi-Rakówicka streets to bicycle traffic; from ul. Przybyszewskiego along the streets: Armii Krajowej and Jasnogórska to the borders of the City of Krakow. The next planned sections of the paths will be located: from the footbridge on the Vistula connecting Kazimierz with Ludwinow along ul. M. Konopnicka to the Rondo ONZ, then along ul. Kamieńskiego and Wielicka (along with a footbridge on ul. Kamieńskiego); from the Norbertine Sisters’ Convent to the existing section of the path at the Zwierzyniec Bridge and from ul. Wioślarska to ul. Jodłowa, as well as from ul. Mirowska to the borders of the City of Krakow; along the Vistula – on the section from ul. Widłakowa to ul. Tyniec. In addition to the above-mentioned paths, additional sections planned for construction this year will appear, which will be implemented as part of the Civic Budget projects. Among the tasks: We connect the parks of Krakow – from District I, IV, V, and VII to Ojców (800 m); paths in the “design and build” system along the A1. 29 November – from Żelazna to Opolska (1400 m) and extension of the path along Al. Solidarnosc (150 m). As part of ZIT, bicycle investments will also be implemented in neighboring municipalities associated with the Krakow Metropolis Association. In the Liszki commune there will be approximately 4,960 m of bicycle paths enabling, among others, direct access to Kryspinów. In the area of the Wielka Wieś Commune a bicycle path along Jasna Góra will be extended to the Modlnica Junction (891 m). In total, a network of bicycle paths with a total length of nearly 80 km will be created in the following years in the municipalities of the Krakow Metropolitan Area: Czernichów (4,190 m); Michałowice (5760 m); Niepołomice (2,630 m); Skawina (22,190 m); Wieliczka (25,000 m); Zabierzów (4,310 m); Zielonki (8,070 m). On the website bikes.zikit.krakow.pl/mapa you can find the current map of cycling infrastructure. We recommend it when planning bicycle trips and bicycle routes to work or school. The bikes.zikit.pl website is a compendium of knowledge about bicycles in Krakow.

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