You do not know which PKD codes to choose and how many codes you have to provide during registration?

Information about selected PKD codes is needed already at the moment of registration of the company, so you need to spend time in advance to select the right codes for your business.

• In case of registration of a limited liability company, 10 main PKD codes and any number of additional ones are given. Only these 10 main codes will be visible in the National Court Register, but they will operate as well as additional codes included in the articles of association.
• For business registration, one main one and any number of additional ones. Information about your business will be visible in the Central Business Register and Information.

On the website biznes. gov. pl you can see the structure of PKD codes, general sections and detailed subclasses. You can also see what each subclass covers or is not prohibited by the code, and read the related content, and learn more detailed information about each of them.

For foreigners we have translated PKD codes in three languages: Ukrainian, Russian and English. You can download them here.

This post is also available in: polski Ukrainian English Русский

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