The main purpose of the clubs is to support families with children and parents expecting offspring. Their task is to create a space that is friendly to parents and children. These are places of integration and sharing experiences as well as good practices and problems related to bringing up children. Clubs also carry out their tasks by organizing meetings with specialists such as: a psychologist, an environmental nurse, midwife, speech therapist, dietitian, educator, medical rescuer, lawyer and other specialists depending on the needs of people attending particular Clubs. Families can take advantage of workshops and educational, cultural and recreational activities, for example: raising awareness of planning and functioning of the family, developing parenting skills, including care and education, knowledge of breast-feeding, promoting a healthy lifestyle – including nutrition, facilitating return to work after maternity leave, career counseling, makeup workshops, classes with a stylist, brafitter, fitness for parents with children, yoga for pregnant women, classes dedicated to fathers (also future fathers). The Clubs offer also includes a wide range of development activities for children. During the meetings the youngest children are supervised by animators in specially created play corners. Parents’ Clubs are run with the cooperation of the Krakow City Office along with Culture Centrum Podgórze, Culture Centrum “Dworek Białoprądnicki”, Culture Center Krakow – Nowa Huta, Culture Center C. K. Norwid, the Nowa Huta Cultural Center, the Krakow Cultural Forum, the Municipal Social Welfare Center (MOPS) and non-governmental organizations. The location of the clubs has been proposed so that the residents of all districts of Krakow have convenient access to them. 35 Clubs operate in Krakow (as of September 2018). Classes in Parents’ Clubs run by Cultural Centers are payable at PLN 1 per adult. Classes run by MOPS as part of the Local Activity Programs and by non-governmental organizations are free. Persons with a Krakow 3+ Family Card have a 50% discount. Detailed information at www.kkr.krakow.pl in the Parent Clubs tab.

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