The European Union is closing its external borders because of the coronavirus. This decision was made on Tuesday by the leaders of 27 countries during a video conference. The restrictions apply only to non-Community nationals.

The decision was announced on Tuesday evening at a video conference of the 27 leaders of the European Union. They agreed to the European Commission’s proposal to close the Community’s external borders. All to control the coronavirus spreading across the Old Continent.

Coronavirus in Europe. EU external borders closed for 30 days Borders are to be closed for 30 days, renewable. The travel restrictions are to apply to non-European Union citizens.

However, the entry ban will not apply to families of Europeans, persons with residence cards in the Community, doctors and researchers. The restrictions will also not apply to drivers carrying goods. It is about securing supplies to the European Union.

The head of the European Council, Charles Michel, provided information on the closure of borders. The head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, announced at a press conference that EU countries were to introduce these restrictions “immediately”.

It is expected that there will be no EU summit in Brussels next week with European leaders. Due to the spread of coronavirus, another video conference with the leaders of 27 countries will be organized. The head of the European Council has informed the Council of this. It has been said for several days that this is the solution that EU leaders will decide on.


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