Vaccination in Poland

Vaccination in Poland is carried out in accordance with the current Immunization Programme, which is announced through the chief Health Inspector in the form of a Communication. Mandatory vaccination against measles introduced in Poland in the calendar of Vaccinations from 1975.

All foreigners under the age of 19 who have been in the territory of the Republic of Poland for more than 3 months (regardless of the reason for their stay) must have a mandatory protective vaccine. This obligation follows from the provisions of the act of 5 December 2008. On prevention and control of infections and infectious diseases in humans (journal of Laws of 2018, 151)

In the program of preventive vaccinations, vaccination against adult measles is included in the group of recommended vaccinations, for which the interested person pays. For the vaccination should contact the primary care physician along with medical records, which has made the safety of vaccination. You can also contact the Vaccination Center directly.

The price of the check against the bodies, if you do not know whether the vaccinations were 70 PLN.
The price for vaccination is 87 PLN.
Vaccination is free of charge for persons under 19 years of age.

It is worth remembering that:
* Measles is a major threat to unvaccinated people,
* Measles is especially dangerous for people with weakened immune systems,
* The return of the disease is associated with an increasing number of parents who do not agree to vaccinate children.

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