School year and summer holiday

By 26 June, which is the planned end of the teaching classes, distance education will be carried out – children will not return to school.

Starting June 1, all students, not just eighth graders and seniors, will be eligible for the consultation. Schools will be required to organise consultations. Students are not required to participate.

From 1 June, technical students will have the opportunity to pursue an apprenticeship with an employer or on individual farms.

From Monday, May 18, practical classes are available in post-secondary schools.

From 18 May there can be educational and specialist classes for children in need of special care.

Halls and sports halls – can be used, but with restrictions; individual classes at art colleges.

From May 25, third grade students can practice.

From May 25, children’s services are running in grades 1-3 of primary schools, but there will be no classroom activities.

Starting May 25, consultations are available for this year’s seniors and students preparing for the eighth-grade exam.

Kindergartens may be open from May 6.

Matural exams: from 8 June (polish) to 29 June – there will be no oral part.

Eighth-graders ‘ exams: June 16-18.

Professional exams: August 17-28.

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