Monthly ticket holders can apply to MPK for a refund

This can be done 16 days before the ticket expires – explains Marek Gancarczyk, spokesperson of Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Komunikacyjne.

What do you have to do to get the money? At the beginning, please send an e-mail to reklamacje@kkm.krakow.pl asking for a transfer of money for the unused season ticket. The e-mail must contain the bank account number.

It’s obviously not over. In connection with the closure of customer service points, MPK requests that physical ticket carriers be sent by post.

And now valid: the refund for the unused season ticket will be for the period from the date of the letter to the date of expiry of the ticket. And we remind you that you can give your ticket back at least 16 days before its expiry.

Plastic cards should be sent to the address of MPK SA in Kraków, ul. Jana Brożka 3, 30-347 Kraków.

After the cancellation, the media will be returned. Just write the return address. Cancellation does not mean that the card will be useless and you have to make another one. If everything comes back to normal and you need to buy a ticket, it should be done as standard at the vending machine or at an already open MPK point.

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