This is a form of cooperation between territorial self-government units and their inhabitants, in order to jointly carry out a public task for the benefit of the local community. An application for a local initiative may be submitted by:

  • Residents – minimum 2 people.
  • Residents through non-governmental organizations (foundations, associations, sports clubs) that are based in the commune with the exception of social cooperatives.
    The application may concern such activities as:
  • Activities supporting the development of communities and local communities,
  • Charity activities,
  • Maintaining and disseminating national tradition, nurturing Poland and developing national, civic and cultural awareness,
  • Activities for ethnic minorities and regional language,
  • Culture, art, protection of cultural and national heritage,
  • Promotion and organization of volunteering,
  • Science, higher education, training education and upbringing,
  • Support and dissemination of physical culture, tourism and sightseeing,
  • Ecology and protection of animals and protection of natural heritage,
  • Public order and security,
  • Revitalization.

The application can be submitted:

  • in person by delivery to the MOWIS Office, os. Centrum C 10, 31-931 Krakow,
  • via e-mail, by sending the application to the following address: Krakow City Council – City Office Center for Supporting Social Initiatives, os. Centrum C 10, 31-931 Krakow.
    The evaluation of applications takes place according to such criteria as:
  1. Usefulness – by defining the importance for the local community.
  2. The contribution of social work to the implementation of the task. The contribution of the inhabitants (as applicants) may be based on social work, on cash or in a kind of benefits. The Office does not give subsidies to the local initiative. The Office supports the implementation of the task in an organizational or material way, including also through, for example, the purchase of services and/or materials necessary to implement a local initiative. For the duration of the contract, residents may obtain from the Office things necessary to perform a local initiative. The implementation of the local initiative involves the cooperation of both parties – residents and the City of Krakow.

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