Post-secondary schools provide the knowledge and skills needed to carry out professional work and to obtain a technician’s diploma. You do not need to pass the Baccalaureate exam in order to attend a post-secondary school.

There are several dozen of such schools in Kraków, which offer education on a biennial and annual basis. Usually it is necessary to pay tuition fees, but you can also find an externally financed offer. Most post-secondary schools offer several weeks of courses and training in a specific profession (e. g. hairdresser, bricklayer, bartender, caretaker of an elderly person) and in skills useful in various professions (e. g. computer programs, bookkeeping). You can start with a meeting with a career counsellor who will help you plan your future career free of charge. If a student who leaves upper secondary school does not pass the secondary school-leaving exam, he or she may take it in the future, for example by attending evening school.

Information on procedures can be found on the website of the Central Examination Commission: http://www.cke.edu.pl/egzamin-maturalny/egzamin-w-nowej-formule/o-egzaminie/
and the District Examination Commission: www.oke.krakow.pl

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