Maternity benefits in Poland

We invete you for individual consultations “Maternity benefits in Poland”.

The ZUS maternity allowance can be a true corner of abundance, it turns out that being a young mother, you can count on a substantial injection of money from the state fund. The record-breaking maternity allowance in Poland amounts to as much as 66 thousand PLN. This is not a joke! Find out how to get maternity benefit, how much to get, and who can get maternity benefit from the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS).

During an individual conversation you can find out about it:
– types of maternity benefits;
– criteria that affect the size of the allowance;
– who can receive maternity allowance;
– the documents necessary to complete the procedure;

Participation in the event is free of charge!

Consultations will be conducted by ZUS experts:
Maria Szewczyk Wydział Zasiłków ZUS Oddział Kraków

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