More passengers can travel by trams and buses

From Monday, 1 June, in accordance with the government’s order, trams and buses can travel much more passengers simultaneously. The 30% limit so far. All the seats and standing places in the vehicle have been increased and are now 50%. of all available places. 

This means that from 1 June, 71 people can travel simultaneously on articulated buses and 41 on 12-metre buses. The longest tram in Poland, i. e. Krakowiak, which has space for almost 300 people, can currently travel for over 140 people. In 33-metre carriages such as NGT8 the limit has increased to 112 people and in 26-metre carriages such as NGT6 to 86 people.

Local carriers continue to maintain a high level of safety performance on a daily basis, including by disinfecting trams and buses, especially those parts that touch passengers, such as handrails, handles, ticket vending machines and punchers.

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