You may unknowingly become a victim or commit an online crime using the Internet.As a rule, any crime committed in the Internet space or with its help is considered an Cybercrime.
Network aggression or cyberbullying is an aggressive behavior aimed at harming another person using modern technology.
Cyber-bullying is a phenomenon of slander, bullying, tyranny and intimidation in the network, extremely serious, as it is usually anonymous.

If you need some help:
http://www.helpline.org.pl/-The project aims to help children and adolescents in the event of a threat to the security of the Internet.

http://kidprotect.pl/-Website of the Kidprotect.pl Foundation for preventing social pathologies (in particular, sexual crime).

http://dzieckowsieci.fdn.pl/-Child Safety Portal.

You can also use the phone for parents and teachers in child safety: 800 100 100 or a telephone number for children and young people 116 111.

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