MOPS will deliver purchases to seniors

The Municipal Social Welfare Centre launches the “Senior Shopping” service addressed to Krakow residents over 60. who live alone or with another person who is elderly or disabled and should not leave the house due to an epidemic. Disabled persons after 18 may also report needs in this respect. of a year old who live alone. You can use the “Senior Shopping” service once a week. Applications are accepted at 887 202 948, Monday to Friday, at the following telephone number 8. 00-14. 30 or by e-mail to: senior@mops. krakow. pl. Purchases will be delivered from 8. 00 a. m. on working days on the day after notification. When talking to a MOPS employee, you must provide your name, address and telephone number. In addition, the person will be asked to provide a PESEL number – in order to verify the age and the impossibility of other family members to buy.

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