“Tickets to check” or “What are passenger rights”?

If the passenger does not have a ticket, he or she should present a document enabling him or her to identify and write the call. Then the controller can get off at the bus stop with the passenger and finish its activities. Without producing a document, the controller may fear that the passenger will escape to avoid consequences. However, inspectors shall not tug, hold or use force to prevent them from leaving the vehicle.

Every passenger of the MPK has the right:

  • Purchase a ticket at the ticket machine or from the driver and must have the time to do so – the controller should allow someone to buy a ticket if the person is waiting at the machine (there is a queue) or until the driver stops at the stop (standing by the cabin);
  • Everyone has the right to receive a subpoena and pay the fine within 7 days;
    If you decide to pay on the spot, you can only give the money upon written receipt.
  • Protocol – everyone has the right to write their comments before signing the protocol;
  • The controller can call the police but not the border guard if the passenger has no documents;
  • You have the right to appeal against the request for payment to the carrier. They must be submitted within seven days of the inspection. You can write to the carrier, referring to the circumstances of the incident, and provide your version.
    If we don’t pay the fine, the carrier will sue us in court. We will receive a payment order, against which an objection must be filed within 7 days with the Court on a special form. The court hearing should not be afraid, because the courts accept reasonable translations from passengers who intended to buy a ticket but were prevented from doing so.

If someone was in such a situation, please write to us!
Remember that you have the right to record interventions on your mobile phone!

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